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Be Our Guest Five Timers’ Club

  A monumental accomplishment has been achieved by yours truly. I’ve recorded my fifth trip report with my friends at the Be Our Guest Podcast! No, I didn’t receive a smoking jacket or learn a secret handshake, but I did  have … Continue reading

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Friends Never Say Goodbye

This gallery contains 73 photos.

Yes, it’s the last day of the trip, but chin up, we can cover a lot of ground here if we hustle up and get going! We packed up our valises, checked out of the legendary Disneyland Hotel and scooted … Continue reading

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West Coast Friendship

This gallery contains 20 photos.

Those who follow this blog religiously know that the whole reason we ever thought to come out to Disneyland was due to a serendipitous encounter with a lovely couple, April and Chris, who happened to live just minutes from Anaheim. We relieved … Continue reading

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Twisting By The Pool

This gallery contains 61 photos.

The only thing that can assuage the sadness of the impending end of a Disney vacation is an upgrade to a deluxe hotel, am I right?  You know the drill by now. There’s really no need to spend big bucks on … Continue reading

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Dazed and Confused

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Looking at the photos from this day I’ve come to the conclusion that we must have had some kind of crisis of confusion because we seemed to zig and zag for no apparent reason. Perhaps we were on a scavenger … Continue reading

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Drive Like Lightning

This gallery contains 51 photos.

After a brief post-lunch siesta we went on back to Carsland. I really wanted to experience the Radiator Springs Racers ride at night. It was just before dusk, but we queued up anyway. We rode together on our first time … Continue reading

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Have A Bite

This gallery contains 110 photos.

Today we would be doing something Jeff has never tried before, and that I’ve only done once. Please, don’t try and guess. It was rope drop.  For the uninitiated (or normal people) among us, this means we got ourselves up … Continue reading

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Even The Nights Are Better

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I really like to hangout at the parks after dark so as to enjoy the atmospheric lighting  and take some swell night-time pictures. The trouble with that is, we gots to eat! It’s really hard to forgo dinner in favor … Continue reading

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Welcome Back

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Truthfully, I’m feeling a bit sheepish about this trip report. Every time we’ve gone to Disney,  I tell you that we won’t be returning until the kids are out of college and yet now, here we are again! I promise … Continue reading

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Fly Me To The Moon

Griffith Park was not the last delight that we happened upon on totally by accident. As we were making our way to our dinner destination, we spotted an odd figure perched atop the roof of a building.  It wasn’t until … Continue reading

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