Drivin’ My Life Away

We bid adieu to Nashville. Our next destination was a mere twelve hours away! Can you tell I’m getting road weary? Thankfully we had some kinfolk at the halfway point who were kind enough to let us breeze in, mess up their spare bedroom and zoom on off in the morning. The next leg took us through some beautiful vistas.

I wish I was in the land of cotton!

A close-up view.

An even closer-up view.

Friends, I must admit that I not only had never seen a cotton plant before, I didn’t know how it worked. Inside the poofs of cotton are their seeds. The puff will eventually breakaway and roll about like a tumble weed awaiting a fertile purchase. That is, of course, if they are not first wrenched from their mother plant by a combine and processed into fabric. I may have taken a ball or two as a souvenir. If your new Fruit of the Looms seem a bit threadbare, It’s because of my filching.

Our record of poor eating continued. However, I did not regret this stop one bit.

Know where we’re at?

Chick-Fil-A! Oh my I enjoyed this immensely.

For our last night of the journey I booked a bonafide hotel. I just wanted a safe place to land in case our Air BnB experience was harrowing. It was not, but this hotel also worked for us because they were willing to hire us to play in their lounge. Bonus!

Clean and neat.

Very spare.

All the necessities.

These soap dispensers didn’t do their job very well. I just opened the tops and scooped it out with my paw.


All set up to Rock at the Chesapeake Aloft Hotel!

This gig met my expectations. The hotel manager was gracious enough to hire us to play on a Monday night, but this also meant that the bar was pretty well dead most of the evening. However, we got to hang with our dear friends Ashley and Sam. This was essentially the whole goal of visiting Chesapeake. You may recall them from our  October Walt Disney World visit. We had a blast hanging out and catching with up these guys.

Aren’t they the cutest?

Being that we finished up after 10:00pm, our choices for food were limited, so we ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings. This may have been our lowest culinary point. We ate fried cheese curds with…caramel sauce. We need a salad! STAT!!!!

We rested easy at the Aloft Hotel and gathered up for our final trek home.  Now, when we went north for our last tour, I knew full well that we would be driving over the Confederate Bridge which spans the twelve miles between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. This meant that I had had plenty of time to hand-wring and be all kinds of nervous about being stranded in the middle of the ocean. It could happen! However, I had not one clue about the Chesapeake Bay Bridge–Tunnel. People, this a twenty-three mile bridge with not one, but two mile-long tunnels under the freaking ocean!!!

Guys, why didn’t you tell me?

Sweet Baby Cheezits.

It was pretty, I guess.


We were about ready for a rest and some lunch by the time we got near Delaware. I set about scouting a suitable watering hole.

This’ll do!

“Woman, would you please stop taking pictures of everything!”

The place was HUGE!

Adjacent dining near the bar.

This brewery was in a waterfront district comprised of converted old factory buildings, a lot like many of the areas we visited. I just love when cities can pull together and re-imagine desolate areas and make them vibrant again.

Beautiful, well-groomed plantings.

Gorgeous waterfront pathways lined the shoreline.

These kids were quite rude. They wouldn’t say hello.

A secluded bench for resting.

This was another discovery where we would have spent more time if we had it. On to lunch!

At last! A Salad!

The pizza was merely ok.

We headed back on the road and made a pact that if either one of us had had enough, we would find a place to crash. The miles wore on and before we knew it we were just a couple hours from home. A quick bite in Providence was just what we needed to carry on.

Federal Hill is always a good bet.

We made it just before the kitchen would be closing. Whew.

Sheesh, how ’bout doing some dusting? JK, it was still Halloween.

One XL glass of wine, please.

A trio of Tacos. Delectable!

So there you have it. The Joneses’ second tour has come to an end. There’s no doubt that we had an absolute blast. There’s also no doubt that these endeavors are totally exhausting!  It was wonderful to see friends and family along the way and I thank everyone who hosted us, joined us for food and drinks and especially those who came to our shows. We’ll do it again I’m sure, but in between then, I need a vacation where we lay in a lounger  drinking rum from a coconut and stay in the same zip code for week!

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