West Coast Friendship

Those who follow this blog religiously know that the whole reason we ever thought to come out to Disneyland was due to a serendipitous encounter with a lovely couple, April and Chris, who happened to live just minutes from Anaheim. We relieved them of hosting duties this time around, but we weren’t letting them off that easy. We made them steal us away for a night on the town! They graciously offered to pick us up at the hotel.


Portico at the Disneyland Hotel


Hey, folks! Have you seen my smokin’ hot girlfriend?


Who, me?

So, they are not only the sweetest couple ever, they also have a slammin’ ride.


April just can’t get any cuter!


I love it when we’re cruising’ together!

To further make the case that April and Chris are the most considerate people ever, they took us to an establishment that specializes in whiskey despite the fact that they have no desire for it whatsoever. We tried to get them to like it on our last visit and bought them a stellar bottle-which we proceeded to drink for them. Man, we’re awful.


Hopscotch Whiskey Bar


Life affirming quotes like this are all around the establishment.

Whiskey Flight

Whiskey Flight


It was our first round, honest!

This place had a fantastic farm-to-table menu that was super creative. This is just the kind of place we love.


We stuck with the “Bites” and “Smalls”.

We let our hosts do the ordering, which turned out to be quite wise. This first dish is homemade pretzel bites and what looks like a big blob of mozzarella, but it’s actually a soft cheddar foam. It was all molecular gastronomy-like!


Pretzels-whole grain mustard, white cheddar foam, pickled jalapenos

This next one was more of a dessert, but excellent none the less!


PB&J- brioche loaf, seasonal jam, house pepita butter

For me, the ultimate comfort food has to be fried chicken. You may recall that I nearly laid down in the middle of Main Street USA in protest over the fact that the Plaza Inn was closed during our visit. Such a shame. This next dish made up for any sense of loss that was still lingering. Get ready for a Total Game Changer…. Fried Chicken Skins!!!!


Tah Dahh! Fried Chicken skins, maple, red fresno coulis, chili threads.

Oh my word! These were so flippin’ fantastic! Crunchy, salty, sweet, savory and spicy all in one naughty fried bite! We may have gotten a second round of these babies. We had a few other dishes, but I neglected to get pictures of everything. I know, I know, not like me at all, but we were just chatting away! Needless to say, we enjoyed this time with our West Coast friends very much. It’s such a pleasant thing when you can have perfectly a relaxed evening of conversation with friends, even though we only get to see them every year or so.

April and Chris delivered us safely to our hotel. This would be our last evening there, so we had to grab one more Shipwreck from Trader Sam’s, you know for old times’ sake. Mr. Jones was feeling rather sneezerific, so I got them to-go.


G’night, Trader Sam’s

Sigh…just one more day in Disneyland. Just gutting, but we’ll make the most of it. Let’s get some rest and meet up at California Adventure in the morning, emkay?


Kiss Goodnight!

Up next: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression…acceptance. 


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