Rolling Home

We left the shops blissfully unaware that we had narrowly escaped the wrath of the Bar Harbor Troll. At this point we were still only in the market for a beer. Sadly, every pub we encountered was closed. We happened upon a store front that while not a pub, appeared to be a brewery’s beer tasting room. We’re getting warmer. Although the door was open and beers were on display giving the appearance that they were up and running, this wasn’t the case. We stuck our noses in anyway.  We chatted up the manager who was nice enough to recommend a pub that was open year ’round.


A ruse!

He pointed us to a spot off the beaten path suitably dubbed the Side Street Café.


That’s the one.


Cedar tree, cleverly incorporated into the deck design.

Hhhhmmm… the beer here is supplied by the same distributer who sent us here.


Well played, Atlantic Brewers.

The place was adorable, with a super friendly bartender. The food looked great too, but I had my heart set on some sort of seaside, lobster roll situation.


The place was filled with locals.

By the time we finished our beverages, our bellies were ready for lunch. My first choice was off the list so we were now winging it.  Not to worry, we found something that fit the bill real nice, the  Fish House Grill.


Atlantic Brewing Company, taking over Bar Harbor.


Fish House Grill

This spot wasn’t as glamorous as the cliffside hotel I had my eye on, but picnic tables on a sun soaked dock ain’t too shabby either.


A crisp white was the order of the day.

We started with a sampling of crab, lobster, shrimp and mussels. Everything was pretty good, except I felt the crab was grainy like it might have been previously frozen. I must confess that I enjoyed dipping the saltines in the horseradish cocktail sauce just as much as the pricy seafood.


A variety of seafoods.

Next we HAD to get lobster rolls. This were pretty darn tasty. Lightly dressed and full of claw meat.


Get right in there.

The rolls was nicely buttered and grilled, but they must have a special vendor that supplies stubby hotdog rolls, because they were wee small, thus giving the illusion that you’re getting a heaping portion of lobster.


I should have used a saltine for size comparison…but I ate them all.

With our Bar Harbor lunch behind us, it was time to make our way to the final stop on our tour, Waterville Maine. This is the place from whence Mr. Jones’ family hails. Tonight we would be playing at the Silver Street Tavern.


I don’t know how they get away with the sign.

For this show were were slumming it. Jeff’s brother Kendall is a busy gigging musician so we just glommed onto his gig. Thanks, Ken!


I’ve never been a WSG before!


The STAR of the show!

We had a blast and got to hang with family and friends. Good times indeed.


Looks like we’re having fun up there!

We spent the night and then leisurely made our way back to Massachusetts the next day.  It’s become a bit of a tradition for us to stop by Fat Cat as the wrap up of a northern trip.


Can’t break with tradition.


This beer was as delicious as it was enormous, which is to say a tremendous lot.


Bellied up to the bar.


Maximum Ribs


Buffalo Chicken Wrap.

We had a soul satisfying meal and just enough beer to insure a fabulous nap. We would have just an hour or so then off to the next gig.  Our journey was far from what could be called a vacation, but this trip will be one I’ll never ever forget. Prince Edward Island will be someplace very special to both of us from now on and we pray that we will visit again very soon. Thanks for coming along with us.

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