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I’m past forty and I’m ok with it. I enjoy the food that I cook, but it’s always better to go out. I was an at home mom raising two awesome kids who are now grown and gone. Now I’m a full time musician enjoying a new phase of life.  I have Disney fever and the only prescription is more Disney. “Maybe someday” is something that I’ve been thinking over the past twenty years. My husband Jeff has traveled all around the world for his former jobs. I’ve been waiting for the time when we could go to some exciting places together. Now is that time.


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Ellie hartz says:

    Hi Heatherl
    Enjoy your blog about your trip to Amsterdam.
    Great pix. Very impressed with your blog/web page(?).
    I noticed WordPress at the bottom of one of your
    pages….Fred & I are going to
    Scotland in Sept and would love to figure this out.
    Welcome back and keep on writing!

  2. hjones says:

    Hi Ellie,
    Thanks for the comments! Setting up this blog has been super easy. Word press is very user friendly. We have to talk about Scotland! Jeff and I are planning to visit in July of 2012. You might have caught on that we are into Scotch. We are planning to visit the distilleries in the Port Ellen area.

    Looking forward to seeing you real soon!

  3. Rock Steele says:

    Hi. My wife and. I would REALLY like to follow your blog. However I cannot find a “like”, “follow” or “subscribe” button. Help please. Thanks.

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